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I believe in real life learning through a digital world. With a progressive and creative approach to content creation for children, I have 4 years experience designing and producing learning materials for YouTube, social media and face to face workshops, all with the aim to encourage creativity in the arts using digital tools.

My entire career to date has been driven by my passion for empowering people. I'm an expert in writing and delivering content that offers a personalised learning journey and ensure all content is entertaining as well as educational, but most importantly encourages the audience to have the confidence to create.

Trained journalist and presenter, I'm available for live broadcasting opportunities, as well as supporting the development of content or face to face facilitation.


Podcast Workshop Designer and Facilitator.
Through the expressive form of podcast, children will learn new digital and literacy skills, experiencing, responding and then creating a podcast based on topics that support the four purposes of the 2020 curriculum for Wales.

Educational Video Shorts. In R&D.
Providing interactive digital content to encourage schools to be creators not just consumers. These situation based shorts provide learning materials to schools on core learning areas, but invites the audience to react to the material, crafting their own. This co-created content encourages real 'digital' world opportunities for schools to collaborate, interact and create, and provides schools with tangible outputs to evidence their children as creative contributors and entrepreneural learners.

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Bound Creative
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