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I am a recent Cardiff University JOMEC graduate looking to begin a career in writing. My desired area of focus would be in music journalism, as I find joy in attending and reviewing gigs within the capital city of Cardiff - specifically, I feel a strong connection to the local music scene and music community of Cardiff. During my final year at university, I chose to research the Cool Cymru era of the 1990s in comparison to the music scene which thrives within Cardiff today. This dissertation subject was fascinating and further cemented the passion I have for our local music scene. Alongside my passion for music and writing, I am also interested in politics, celebrities and current affairs.

I feel a deep sense of devotion to the Cardiff music scene and through my studies on the subject I have had the opportunity to interview many inspiring individuals of whom are considered as integral to the preservation of the scene. More recently, I have started volunteering for Minty's Gig Guide to Cardiff, this role involves researching, producing and writing content for the Minty's Gig Guide to Cardiff podcast and choosing the events to highlight for the 'Picks Of The Week'. As part of the team, we take it in turns to curate content for different social platforms.