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I single mum with two daughters 20 & 9 yrs old, NNEB qualified, I worked with children for 7 years, I then wanted a new career direction, I have been working in the claims management sector as a business manager for the last 11years. My passion to create has been a way for me to switch of and be more mindful , I started my company Crafty hands through making gifts for friends and family I had more and more requests for my items. Which I don't make huge profits. Because I have no where to be able to expand. I have a Facebook page, which generates sales for free which is amazing. Social networking for me on various accounts is now an hour a day to interact with customers and upload new creations. I show case items I've made for my home (I don't buy new) I have requests for these items unfortunately I work at home and don't have a workshop to be able to expand

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Crafty hands
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Creative owner