Areas of expertise:


I'm a freelance Graphic Designer who studied in Bristol & is now situated in Cardiff.
I've been bartending for the past few years both in and out of university, I have recently opted to leave that industry behind and really focus on the creative world.

I focus primarily on print design, ranging from editorial/book layout to posters & flyers.
Over the past few years I have become well acquainted with the publishing side of design, with regards to printing and binding to a professional degree.
Although InDesign is my best friend, i'm still well versed in all other adobe applications, predominantly photoshop, illustrator, after effects & premiere pro, but to a lesser extent other programs such as dreamweaver and lightroom.

I'd say the style of my work takes a somewhat minimalistic approach, driving home a clear & concise message, however this does not mean that I am adverse to using other techniques, I believe that each project has to be considered over a range of different outcomes and one cannot rely on simply utilising the same aesthetics over and over. That being said, professionalism & polish is guaranteed regardless of outcome or aesthetic.