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Hi, I'm an Ephemeral artist and beach & street scribbler.
I have participated in London's Chrom Art "Tribe17" in the Oxo tower Bargehouse. Where I have drawn on the banks of the River Thames in October 2017.
In August I was commissioned to draw the FAW logo for Barry Town United Football Club for their promotion into the first division.

I have drawn up and down the beaches of South Wales from Newgale to Barry Island, and love meeting the people that take an interest in my work. I have even made headlines on BBC radio wales and the local News and even Weather.

I believe that Cardiff and the Vale has a lot to offer artists but lacks truly large scale works.

After travelling to several cities around Europe and seeing the scale of artworks in places like Malta, Malaga and even as close to home as Bristol, I believe Cardiff and the Vale would truly benefit from original structural street art work, not to brighten but to showcase the unharnessed talent that Wales has to offer.

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