Eccentrica Bells

Director of design at Eccentirca bells

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With a happy vibrant and energetic attitude to life and with over 200 hours of live TV as a professional jewellery artist/designer/crafter and co-presenter, I am actively seeking new opportunities.
I am an enthusiastic character with a flair and passion for selling, communication, engagement and interaction with customers and viewers. I have over 5000 social media growing daily. I believe in entertaining, educating, inspiring and understanding the demographics of the audience, capturing and enhancing the viewers buying experience.
As a Guest Designer and co-presenter with the live Jewellery Making Channel, I worked alongside many talented and professional Presenters and Broadcasting teams. I have a great understanding of the Presenters role as well as a broad knowledge of Jewellery making, gemstones the crafting communities and products.
Having a creative and innovative mind I have invented a new braiding technique utilising wire and coils (Wirehimo). Currently I am self employed working on further innovations for use in the crafting community.
I am seeking an exciting opportunity and am keen to further develop as a presenter and product demonstrator, especially keen on promoting products and tools that enhance the crafting and jewellery making experience.
• Guest Designer - Jewellery Maker (over 200 hours live TV)
• TV Demonstrator / Co-presenter
• Exhibition Craft Demonstrator (10yrs exp)
• Established personality in the Jewellery, Crafting and Vintage community (over 20yrs exp)
• Professional Jewellery Designer and crafter including, but not restricted to:- All aspects of Jewellery Making, Kumihimo, Wirehimo, Pyrography, Wirework, Mixed Media, Felting, Pearl Knotting, Silversmithing, Beading and Home Decor.
• Msc OccHS - Wellbeing and Mindfulness - How 'giving the gift of creativity' can help with loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression even in the control management of pain.
• Strategic analysis, research, development and promotion including Craft Innovation and ideas.
• Production of YouTube channel and Jewellery Making tutorials.

Company Name: 
Eccentirca bells
Role / Position: 
Director of design