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(Hi!) I am Emily May Davidge-Smith, but most people know me as Millie. I am currently a final year student at the University of Plymouth, studying Graphic Communication with Typography. In short, or designer terms, I am AlmostFinshed.indd.

Design to me is freedom, I do what I love and I love what I do. Being a graphic designer allows me to project my ideas in an enjoyable and modern way, the sense of pride a designer gets when they see their work being used is a feeling that cannot be described in my opinion.The love of typography and the excitement of a quality type of paper is truly an innocent thing to become enthused about, but that’s what makes good design and us who we are.

I am very dedicated to my profession and will always push my projects as far as I can; in my opinion there is never a finished design. I am able to remained organised and calm whilst juggling numerous tasks and am always eager to put in more than is expected of my job title. I would very much like an opportunity to share my current project ideas and designs further at interview. Oh, and I make a tidy cup of tea.