Fiona Bowen

Artist at Silver Moon Art

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I am a self-taught, middle aged artist who, if I had my time over, would pursue the joy of art making for a life-long career instead of being convinced that that could never be my future. All is not lost, though. I still have time. My philosophy is now, don’t ever stop learning, don’t ever stop creating again!

The need to utilise waste has driven me towards making a unique body of work. My exploration into minimalism, and letting go of home contents, led me to the idea of using, particularly, CD+DVDs for art expression.

In my CDVD art portraiture, I feel the challenge is to capture the fleeting moment of a thought and to convey it in a monochromatic way just using paint and CD/DVD waste. My first pieces include famous faces, that people will instantly recognise in this very modern format.

I don’t suggest my art making with this waste material will solve the problem of disposing of it; I do suggest that we all have the capacity to use such waste materials for re-purposing in art making.

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Silver Moon Art
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