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good cop bad cop is the artistic partnership of John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan, who have worked together since 1990, and as good cop bad cop from 1996.

good cop bad cop's output is characterised by the creation of new forms and contexts for performance, from the 15 minute improvisation on other peoples sets (Brody's Notes 2008) to a Wales-wide, globally-broadcast alternative vocal talents search (Lleisiau 2014) to a weekly arts radio programme (Pitch 2011 - present). These are ideas constructed in "the real world" without the safety net of established form or specific audiences, for the "Imagined Communities" of a future Wales, within a wider global dialogue for how such concepts as nation, cultural practice and community are considered.

Our works are consciously on the verge of collapse... the performance of irrevocable acts and creative engagement with the consequences. Radically unfinished, what unfolds is never fixed or certain, it began long before you arrived and will end long after you leave. A field of items and activities, the notion of "finished" is absurd, decay is's building site is tomorrow's demolition project.”

In 2017 gcbc undertook the ACW funded R&D project “I or U” which indicated future developments for re-activating, and re-contextualising, elements of our personal performance archive to create innovative new works. One strand includes a reimagining of “Phantom Ride” (2008-2011) a work based on the “lost” films of South Wales Valley's based film pioneer William Hagger (1851-1925) through the integration of recounting our own “lost” works within the format.

"Phantom Rides Again!" is currently on at Chapter, Cardiff, with support from Chapter, Wales Millennium Centre and Arts Council Wales

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good cop bad cop
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