Managing editor / cofounder at The CDF Digital Ltd

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I am a blogger, writer and marketer with a strong interest in social media marketing and the ways in which businesses can grow digitally.
I am passionate about writing in all aspects. I am a keen blogger and have my own site which I have kept regularly updated since August 2013, this is a mix of comment pieces, investigative pieces and reviews.
In 2014 I co-founded the CDF along with a team of like minded Cardiffians all passionate about bringing news of events, culture and food & drink to Cardiff.

I worked as Managing Editor of the CDF paper, as well as taking on a large proportion of the daily business decisions along with attending meetings with potential investors. I managed a team of around 80 writers, from pitches all the way to deadlines. I was involved in every step of the the CDF process, taking on administrative duties, writing, editing, proofing and delivery of the finished product.

I ran the successful Kickstarter campaign for the CDF which resulted in £5,500 of funding. This included filming, editing and directing the video, running the social media campaign and also coordinating the delivery of rewards. I have also been involved in the running of several CDF events including our micro-crowdfunding events ‘Eyes Wide Open’ which helped raise money for local community driven projects and featured speakers from various areas including business, culture and politics.

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The CDF Digital Ltd
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Managing Editor / Cofounder