Ian Courtney

Director of external affairs at Wesley Clover Corporation

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Wesley Clover is an Anglo-Canadian investment management and holding company. Its United Kingdom headquarters are located in Newport, South Wales. The headquarters of its Canadian operation are based in Ottawa.

Over the course of my career I have held a variety of positions: these include the Regional Director of a niche bank, a co-founder and chief executive officer of a marketing and communications agency, the media spokesman for a software development company, a management consultant, a regulatory economist and an adviser to the OECD.

The common link amongst these positions is they require an ability to comprehend and analyse economically and technically complex issues and to be able to articulate and communicate them in a comprehensible style. My experience covers a broad range of assignments including working on regulatory and economic assignments for European governments and multi-national funding bodies, the preparation of evidence and submissions to government consultation exercises, promoting the interests of public, third sector and private sector bodies and supporting the floatation of companies on publicly traded exchanges.

I have an interest in the development of public policy as it influences the Welsh economy generally and the creative and technology sectors in particular.

Company Name: 
Wesley Clover Corporation
Role / Position: 
Director of External Affairs