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My name is Iftekhar. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan.My grandfather Faiz Muhammad Faiz who was a student of Moulana Zafar Ali Khan (also known as the father of journalism in Pakistan ) was a known journalist of his time.My father and all his brothers adopted journalism as a profession.

I did my graduation in journalism and than M.A in Urdu from Punjab University Lahore- Pakistan.After that, i joined Beaconhouse School system as a laboratory assistant and teacher. While working as a teacher I joined local newspapers Daily Pakistan and then Daily Insaf. I worked with them as an area reporter.I also worked as a press secretary for few NGOs in Pakistan.

To satisfy my journalism instinct I kept writing letters to newspapers in UK while i was working full time. One of my letter published in Daily mail on March 3 ,2006 was a winner of Letter of the week award. I also wrote about spot-fixing in cricket, published in METRO on November 3, 2011. Currently ,I am completing MA International Journalism at Cardiff University.