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For the past two years I have been studying Media & Communications at Cardiff University, learning about skills relating to media analysis, critical thinking along with complex writing skills. I take pride in my ability to write essays and convey thoughts and ideas eloquently through writing. During my time in Cardiff I have lived independently, and currently live with a roommate and have learned skills concerning money and resource management, along with dealing with council and tax related responsibilities.
Also for the past 2 years I have held a part-time job at McDonald's restaurants as a crew member. I have gained an appreciation for discipline and productiveness whilst working and have become well adjusted and professional within the work environment. During my time at McDonalds I have received work hygiene and safety qualifications demonstrating my ability to achieve goals and progress within a work environment, along with my high standards for quality within the work environment. Before my time at McDonalds, during my comprehensive school education I worked for two weeks at Tata Steel UK’s finance department for work experience, wherein I performed numerous tasks and experienced multiple different duties within the department.
I am an avid and passionate film fan who has made two independent student films, one made in association with the Diffilms society affiliated with Cardiff University. My work on these films saw me writing the screenplays and crafting the stories for both, demonstrating my creative and literary skills, and taking on a joint-directing role with other students, wherein I demonstrated key problem solving and leadership skills. I have a thirst for knowledge and am a highly creative and curious person, and I pride myself in my ability to care for people’s needs both within the workplace and outside of it.