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I'm a german newcomer director looking for film projects in and around Cardiff.
I'm looking for some artistic people with beautiful visions to make movies in Cardiff and area. I just finished my Bachelor of Arts in directing, script-writing, editing and production and I want to remain independent and free in my art, realizing my ideas, as I do it now in germany, but also I want to experiment and learn.
I fell in love with a welsh man and for that I will be coming over to Wales about end of June/ start of July for at least a whole month. I'm looking for work on a movie set (paid or so amazing, that the idea pays my willing to do it unpaid) or doing a personal project with some artists. I'm also interested in unpaid internship on an official film set, but my biggest intention now is on connecting with you filmmakers over there.
I have very good sense of directing, working with actors, production, costume and set design, but also Stop Motion Animation. I'm a good editor as well and my last recent shortfilms have already taken me some steps further, personally and on german and international film festivals. I am just working on my Bachelor movie right now, for which I was able to work with a production company, who paid the 20.000 Euro to produce the movie.

I would love to hear from you about personal projects, job offers and other helpful information on production in and around Cardiff.
Love, Jennifer von Schuckmann

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director, script writer, set and costume designer