Postgraduate looking for brand management opportunities at Jobee Warrick

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A 30-year-old business postgraduate from London... I have an enhanced passion for brand management strategy, and I absolutely live for the creative arts. My ADHD has made me gifted in creativity and capable of hyper-focussing on my work providing it is in a creative role.

My master's degree was in international management and finance because the challenging course obliged me to face my mathematical gremlins; still, I have always been the child with the doodled class books!

Life without creativity is a life I cannot simply stick to and remain full. At University, I worked for the OSO Arts Centre located in Barnes which became my second home. Personally, I paint, can work with a diverse set of graphic computer software, run my own novice magazine, design websites, strategically manage brands for friends/family and play a few musical instruments.

I am looking to push myself towards a creative director or brand manager position over the next 5 years and would love the opportunity to network, develop skills and grow within the Cardiff arts and design communities.

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Jobee Warrick
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Postgraduate looking for brand management opportunities