Kirsty alley

Areas of expertise:


‘We begin to confront the thingness of objects when they stop working for us’ Bill Brown, Thing Theory (2001, p.1-21).

Consumerism is increasing every day, not just with the abundance of objects in industries including technology and fashion, but now with the photographs we take and the videos that are shared. My interest in contemporary engagement with visual mediums pushes me to explore how images come into being and are engaged with. Especially questioning where the materiality of art and photography sits now that the internet has become a fast-paced sharing environment for us all.
I aim to slow the viewer down, creating work that has an interactive and exploratory aspect to it. often fragmenting visual material, resulting in the subject matter sometimes being lost. However, due to the saturation of imagery we’re exposed to in everyday life, I feel it's sometimes more important for the physical material and process of the artwork to be engaged with over its subject matter.
Through the non instant processes of analogue formats I am slowed down. This reduced pace allows me to think in a more thorough way and engage with physical material attentively. I am currently exploring alternative ways of displaying visual media aiming to give the viewer a more sensory and engaging experience, with an emphasis on the works material qualities such as in books, interactive work, photographic sculpture and installation.