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My name is Leah Rogers and I am a graduate of the USW. My degree is a BA Performance & Media which entailed the study and practice of theatre, film, television and radio. I have a strong passion for creativity, more so writing and directing but overall I enjoy the whole creative processes of film and television. I pay great attention to detail, work extremely well with others, confident, insightful, imaginative, caring and can work very well under pressure.

Since University I have taken a year out to establish exactly what avenue I want to take and now I am sure of what i want to do. I want to work as part of a creative industry because I appreciate the power it has in our society. the stories we tell and the ideas we form play a fundamental part in people's lives. Film and television can be seen as escapism but it is so much more than that and therefore I am eager to bring innovative ideas to life, i am currently working on a couple of scripts, one being a feature length screenplay based in Wales.