Michael Papadopoulos

Creative director at Genial Media Ltd

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I’m a freelance writer, director, producer and creative. I’ve spent most of my professional life flitting between Sky Sports, Sky Movies and the Sky Creative Agency like some Murdoch-infused Littlest Hobo.

I've worked on myriad live sports, produced Premier League shows, worked FA Cup Finals, had a stint on Soccer AM and even, under duress, stayed awake during live European Tour Golf.

During my time at Sky Movies, I've produced the weekly movie programme, numerous film specials, worked the live Oscars shows, interviewed pretty much every A-List star and director in Hollywood, and knocked over Clint Eastwood’s drink at the Cannes Film Festival.

As Senior Creative, I was a member of the Sky Atlantic launch team, as well occasionally finding myself trapped on the seemingly biennial Sky rebrand treadmill.

I’m from Cardiff originally, and have moved back to freelance, and to write some long-pondered comedy scripts. My first was optioned by Ruth Jones’ Tidy Productions, and I have several stewing with other production companies at present.

Company Name: 
Genial Media Ltd
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Creative Director