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South Wales based photographer Michael Hall has 25 years of experience conveying messages and stories to audiences through strong and powerful imagery. He understands the importance of ensuring people feel at ease, to help them to portray their message in the best way.

Mike started his career with 11 years on regional newspapers as Senior Staff Photographer, before moving to freelance work in 2006. He understands what the media need from a photograph, and how it needs to reflect a story in order to maximise its coverage and relevance to the reader. His aim is to ensure you reach your target audience, and his work has been published in a wide range of national and regional press, magazines, websites and industry publications.

Mike is well respected and as a result, he now has an established client base across South Wales and Bristol, including a variety of Universities, Schools, National Government, PR Agencies, Corporations, Charities and Small Businesses. Mike understands the importance of reliability, good communication and flexibility for his clients, and works hard to meet the brief you require, bringing his skills, ideas and knowledge to that joint endeavour.

Mike is willing to discuss your requirements before booking, so please don’t hesitate to contact him on 07791 704650.

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Michael Hall Photography Ltd
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