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I am a freelance copywriter with many years in advertising and marketing behind me. I have worked for some of the biggest names in the advertising industry, as a full-time employee and on a freelance basis. I worked in London for 12 years, and as a freelancer all over the UK and overseas. I also founded a multi-awarded TV production company in Bristol, which was around for for eight years, working as a director of TV commercials and corporate films. Clients were in the main very well-known ad agencies, in the UK, mainland Europe and Japan. We also worked with BBC, ITV, Nickelodeon and Disney channel. I founded my own agency, Caroline, in 2014 with two other partners. Unfortunately we had to close our doors in Feb 2018, due to a loss of our largest client (not our fault). I have worked in many sectors and am very experienced. Between 20019 and 2013 I lectured at two universities running highly regarded courses in Creative Advertising. I have just gone freelance at time of writing (March 2018) and looking to work with agencies of all types (digital, design, advertising, PR) and direct clients.

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Mike Waudby
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Freelance copywriter