Areas of expertise:

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Photographic Practitioner and Photographic Historian.

Throughout my practise, I explore photographic materiality, mainly working in analogue, developing mainly using caffenol development process, and Cyanotypes. I explore the sensory experience of touch, movement and physicality of objects. As an avid researcher my theoretical frameworks explore feminism, abject and eroticism.

These same subjects are explored in my historical research. I found my love of theoretical and historical research during my undergraduate degree in BA (hons) Photography at The Arts University of Bournemouth and have recently finished my MA in Photographic History where I researched photography and the sex industry in my dissertation titled "Sex Worker Cards: The Social, Spatial and Cultural impact of Photographic sex advertisements in telephone boxes".

I am at the moment, based in Cardiff and an a current intern at Ffotogallery as an Exhibitions Research Assistant.

Role / Position: 
Photographer, Photo Historian and Exhibitions Research Assistant Intern