Areas of expertise:


I am a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan's BA Degree in Artist Designer: Maker. I am new to the field of designing professionally however, I have many skills built up from my time in university of designing and making furniture. I know professionally I can bring fresh style and a new generation to the design world. I am willing and quick to learn new programs and build on skills I have already learnt in University BA degree.
I am well cultured and have travelled to 33 countries throughout my life and have experienced many different cultures and ways of living. Through these experiences I am therefore able to connect to people from different cultures and others around the world.
I believe that good design is key to living a happy life and that it positively affects our mental health. Badly designed places and pieces not only cause problems but can also cause anxiety and can embrace clutter and disorganization. My designs combat this bad designing and make sure that the home is a place for relaxation and happiness.