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Outside Broadcast is the latest electronic music venture to emerge from the Blue Rider Music project and 2020 sees the release of a debut album - Modality (July 31st) and debut single (Secondo - July 3rd) and EP (Frutta//The System - July 17th). Outside Broadcast is now seeking project collaborations with visual artists (e.g. to compose soundscapes for performance art, theatre, installations and live audio visual experiences) and film/TV/video makers of all kinds, as well as other musicians. However collaborations need to meet the ethos of Outside Broadcast.
The aim/objective of Outside Broadcast is to use the visual and musical arts (ideally in combination) to change hearts and minds and positively influence human development - coming from a co-operative internationalist socialist perspective and promoting the concept of 'one world, no borders' that celebrates diversity and inclusion.
For example, Outside Broadcast and earlier Blue Rider Music projects often used borrowed samples of vocals and dialogue to support the subtle messaging of the soundscapes being created, drawing on a tradition established by Faust and Can, through Peter Gabriel and WOMAD, to the likes of Burial and Clams Casino. Modality, created during the pandemic lockdown, takes that a step further with vocal sounds representing the wonderful diversity of our world. Languages used on this album in addition to English include French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Romanian, Mongolian and Kirindi tribal languages. But it reminds us that music and visual arts can transcend individual languages…they are our shared human language. This 'one-world, no-borders’ ethos lives and breathes throughout the album and reminds us that the trials and tribulations of our human experience – whether it’s the disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities of a virus pandemic or the devastation of climate change – is shared by all humanity. #TogetherStronger

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Outside Broadcast
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Musician, writer, graphic artist