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Red Line Art Works is global arts project with a global audience and we are open to all art forms and creative media. Our website shows art works by artists from over 40 countries.

Humanity faces an unprecedented global emergency with our self-created climate and ecologocal emergencies. Red Line Art Works is a home for art works which reflect on ALL the big global issues, the state of our world and the lack of global justice. Our global audience is inspired by art with a conscience, art that reflects these big problems. There is no more important role for the arts in today's world.

So we show art works that reflect the big global concerns which threaten humanity or our planet, e.g. : The Climate & Ecological Emergencies, Bad Leaders or Governance, Patriarchy, Inequality, Poverty, War & Conflict, Xenophobia & Racism, Environmental Degradation, Human Rights abuse, Refugees & Migration, etc (see for more). The big global concerns are being reflected by artists and creative people everywhere.

Each year we offer two Annual Awards for the best art works we receive during the year (closing date each year is 31 December) - see more information on our website. Entry is FREE and anyone is welcome to submit their work.

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Red Line Art Works
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