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I am Rhisiart Morgan Chairperson creator of, Yr Hyddgen .
Who are we ?
Yr Hyddgen performs Cymru traditions, living history, and we promote connections to the past to have an identity in our time.
It is interactive participation there is no audience every one acts in our performance.
We perform at paid events for a fee for in Schools, Museums and Festivals and for free to everyone in the community at community free theatre performances.

We have been formed for over 12 years now and perform regularly at Schools, Community events, Saint Ffagans, Cadw, and we are about to collaborate with the Caerau project, Caerdydd.

Our performances are: Y Fari Lwyd, Hela'r Drwy , Nos Galan Gaeaf, Silure Experience boot camp and Arthwyr ap Meurig ap Tewdrig,(King Arthur).

We have performed for the Cwmbran Community Council Saint Davids Day Civic dinner, The Lab Welsh National Theatre with a Japanese film crew performing Branwen Ferch Llyr. Folk History is our passion and we use characters from the Mabinogi to give our participants an experience of our ancestors creative minds.

We worked with the Lab, from National Theare of Cymru with the Japanese Theatre group called the Under Ground Airport.

What do we want?

Practice space, funding for instruments;

Our Project:

We would like put together a group young players and musicians to perform the Mari Lwyd in their own communities as a result of working with Yr Hyddgen,to perform for us at our Christmas through til January events.

The money we are seeking is to buy traditional instruments for authenticity for costume to fit the time period of our performances taking it from the Victorian, to Medieval using characters from the Mabinogi, so taking it back to its origin.

We wish to purchase x2 Crwthiau, x2 Pipau corn, and x1drwm and 1x Pibgorn.

We are working in collaboration with Danny Kilbride of Trac at the moment, he is providing teachers from the Folk Scene to teach our young musicians, to bring them up to international standard.

Then in the future it would be part 2 of our plan to attend Celtic Festivals in Europe to perform the Mari Lwyd and the Hela'r Dryw there, plus in the evening a Noson Lawen in Taverns, so that our culture will be show cased.

To do this we need to start preparing well in advance and this application is for the funding necessary to make those preparations. 13 people of the group will be performers, we will be making films to record the performances and to make a documentary about the project.

We believe that through proper teaching and learning, the group will achieve a performances of a high standard of the Mari Lwyd and the Hela'r Dryw at Celtic Festivals in around the world, 2020-2021

We want to do this to enable young performers from the Gwent or south Cymru to excel as performers of their own traditional culture on an international stage and ensure the audience can identify the performance as being Welsh and to enjoy it.
We are looking for funding for our instruments and or a practice space

Company Name: 
Yr Hyddgen Hanes Gwerin A Theatr Gymunedol
Role / Position: 
Chair Person, Creator of the group.