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I am a writer, who is currently based in Cardiff.
My most recent achievements include winning The University of Oxford’s Isis Magazine Prize (December 2019), which was selected by Julian Barnes, as well as featuring a non-fiction ‘testament’ (which was written in Welsh) in Yoko Ono’s touring exhibition ‘Remembering the Future’. My first publication appeared as part of Women in Clothes (London: Penguin Books, 2014), when I was then aged sixteen.
My practice continues to be concerned with a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to writing and research. Particular areas of interest include art-writing, life-writing, the Modernist form, and theories of social agency. The experience of text as a medium that can be wholly 'lived-out' is also central to my practice, linking to Roland Barthes' 'automatic writing' and other modes of avant-garde social reportage. In this way, my writing initiates a discourse that details the young, working-class, female experience of navigating conversation, urbanity, and sexuality.

Alongside my creative practice, I also work as a review writer for Europe's largest independent arts and culture site 'The Quietus', and write for performance (Heather and Ivan Morrison’s Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (2016), Chapter Readings (2018), TactileBOSCH’s Under the Counter Culture (2019)).