Sarah Padbury

Co-founder / director at phosphorus collective

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I am a 25 year old artist and contemporary curator currently living and working in Cardiff, Wales. During my time at university I recognized a gap in our community for emerging young artists to show, exhibit, and share their passion for their work. This developed into a love of a DIY exhibitions, and encouraged me to curate many shows on a shoestring budget. Working closely with a partner, we would take over different and difficult spaces to share young artists’ work and provide an amazing platform to grow from. We have explored small galleries in Cardiff and eventually expanded into warehouses and festival takeovers - Phosphorus Collective was a group striving to create a platform for young, emerging, Welsh artists to research, develop, and flourish.
Today I seek to continue the passion and spirit, continuously adapting and evolving into a more autonomous Collective model, providing a gesture of stability to those who need it to continue their passion successfully.
My desire to move past traditional means of artistic representation and preservation ensure that my work as an artist and a curator are constantly adapting and moving forward.

Through endeavors in experimental exhibitions often undertaking the role of artist and curator; studio and exhibition space are morphed together. I look to explore all sides of the creation and incubation of contemporary, emerging art forms, so I am able to constantly move towards exhibitions and incidents that challenge and excite not only the members of the collective, but myself and those who come into contact with them through their art.

I hope to support young emerging artists every day and provide them with the platform to launch their own careers, particularly in places that do not have such a vibrant hub of creation.

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phosphorus collective
Role / Position: 
co-founder / director