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I am an enthusiastic and focused individual, who is working towards a degree in Marketing, i use this degree a lot in my work life as I am a proud owner of an airbnb property which my family and I rent out to those who want to visit Merthyr. I am focused and flexible with good communication, as well as being organised with excellent time-keeping skills which can be displayed through handling bookings with the Airbnb and continuing to submit quality university work on time. I enjoy working individually using own initiative and as part of a team. Excellent at prioritising workload and utilising any downtime to seek learning opportunities and maximise effectiveness. I have wanted to be in publishing since I went to university and my passion has rose throughout my 3 years, especially after going to a jobhack event where I was able to look at the different types of careers available in publishing. I possess good customer service and engagement skills after working in Asda and being a student ambassador for my university, where I ensured that services were handled professionally and to the satisfaction of the customer or potential student. I work well under pressure and am always keen to accept a challenge as seen by working throughout my time in university as well as running my own blog.
Some of my hobbies include keeping active by going to the gym, swimming or walking. But my main interest would be reading where I get to escape to different worlds through the power of stories, that stick with us forever. I utilize my interest in reading to create blog posts which mainly review books where i will give them ratings:
Thrill- Does it excite you? Is it boring?
Interest- How intriguing the book is, does it make you want more?
Reading- Is it easy to read? Are there twists and turns?
As well as writing a blog I like to play around with programs on my computer such as Microsoft, Excel, iMovie, Garageband and Google SketchUp so i am always up to date on the applications for future job and studying purposes.
Finally my last hobby would be drawing or painting, as i love to get my hands dirty in paint and shading when I can't figure out my emotions. This normally comes after reading or watching something with high emotions and i need to draw it out.

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University of South Wales
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