Areas of expertise:


I have recently graduated from Manchester School of Art, where I studied Fashion Art Direction. I have a deep interest in documentary type film and photography, I admire the character-showing and story-telling behind it. I have produced, directed, filmed and edited my own films as a part of my degree, as well as organising fashion shoots that I would occasionally photograph or style myself, also with experience of scouting suitable models, locations, garments and collaborators that include photographers, lighting specialists and other stylists. Normally I would put images together in an editorial or zine using inDesign, and Photoshop, I can also use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premier Pro. During my time at University I was lucky to be able to showcase my work at various galleries and spaces over the north of England; examples such as Manchester Art Gallery, Whitworth Gallery, Village Leeds and more.
I am fluent in both English and Welsh. For the past year I have been working in a boutique clothes shop as an assistant buyer as well as working as a retail worker managing one branch. I have used my creative ability to help with marketing and their brand image in, where I have learnt a lot about money handling and advertising. Living in North Wales I have also participated in sustaining art workshops for children as well as having experience in television being a voice actress and extra work.
I would love to be involved with new productions in Cardiff, and to meet creative and exciting new people.

Role / Position: 
Stylist / Photographer / Film / Directing