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Twt Productions is all about creating quality entertainment and educational content for children and young adults.

Because we’re small (‘twt’ in Welsh) we’re big on flexibility. This means that if you need help at any stage of the production process, we can provide it.
At Twt Productions, as well as developing television programmes, we: cast actors and vocal talent, create multi-platform content, voice direct, write and adapt scripts and develop and create training films.

Recent television commissions include pre-school puppet series, Oli Wyn and popular animated nursery rhyme series, Caru Canu, both for S4C.

Casting and voice directing is a passion of ours. We have experience in working on commercials, campaigns and long-form cartoon series such as Shane the Chef / Sion y Chef for S4C and Toot the Tiny Tugboat for S4C/Channel 5.
We have expertise in casting children and are very familiar with the Welsh children's licensing system. Members of our team are DBS and NSPCC Cymru qualified and licensed chaperones.

If you have a bilingual project and need someone to take care of adapting your script from English to Welsh (or vice versa) and then following through with casting and voice directing, then look no further. We have worked with a wide range of clients from production and animation companies through to public health bodies.

Education and training projects include several short-form education series BBC Bitesize such as History KS2 and GCSE Welsh literature films.

We've produced online training videos for Y Coleg Cymraeg and the University of Wales, Cardiff and a series of CPR instruction films for the British Heart Foundation / Cracking Productions
A recent project was films for the Booktrust Cymru for health visitors in Welsh and

We have extensive experience in developing and producing animated content.
Company Director Siwan Jobbins has worked extensively across this genre for broadcasters
such as CBeebies, CBBC and S4C on major shows such as Fireman Sam and Dangermouse.

Twt Productions is currently producing a series of animated nursery songs for S4C called
Caru Canu.
Series 1 launched in August 2019 and series 2 will air on August 2020.

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Cynyrchiadau Twt Productions
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