Small World Theatre

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Small World Theatre an artist-led arts and sustainability organisation based in Cardigan, West Wales. The four main areas of work represent our vision and determine our operating strategy
1) We produce and perform original theatre:
Our touring theatre work is environmentally sensitive and socially engaging. We deliver arts and sustainability in creative yet accessible ways. From giant narrative theatre outdoors to intimate theatre with actors and puppets from cabaret to commissioned pieces. We produce engaging and meaningful theatre experiences.

2) As an exciting arts venue we run an Arts and Sustainability programme from our near zero carbon venue:
We present arts, theatre performances and music events, mentor emerging artists, host symposiums, community events, creative classes, workshops and training. Our unique venue is accessible and a living model of sustainability. It is highly praised by performers and audience for it's innovative presentations and it's friendly welcoming atmosphere.

3) We implement projects and facilitate workshops
We deliver projects in communities creating huge social and economic benefits for participants and for local regeneration. Our strategic direction combines our expertise in arts and sustainability with culture and communication for development ( CC4D). We use SEED SCALE. SEED, an acronym for Self Evaluation for Effective Decision-making.
SCALE is an acronym for Systems for Communities to Adapt Learning and Expand. With our social Impact projects the outcomes are often profound being based on an approach that builds on community’s successes. We encourage participants through theatre to become more confident and help them determine their own development. We also promote partnerships often linking to policy makers. We promote the use of Legislative Theatre in UK Parliaments and Assemblies and Forum Theatre as part of CC4D

4) Work in education;
With primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, teacher training institutions and universities offering programmes of training and workshops for teachers and students. We are an experienced AGORED Accreditation Centre giving people of all ages and abilities meaningful, life changing qualifications.

Past projects : An early project protected 56 villages on the Nile in Sudan by using puppetry in a ground breaking social forestry project. It saved communities in this region from being encroached by sand. The communities planted well over a million trees. Other international projects have followed in many African and Asian countries working with health, rights culture and refugees. This sort of direct social and environmental benefit can be achieved through culture and communication for development . We integrate this type of work here in Wales
Extensive work with refugee issues followed in UK schools. This work influenced policy makers and was mentioned on the floor of the House of Commons later presenting findings to an all-party group of MPs.
Also we have performed for a Welsh Assembly committee making policy for refugees in Wales.
We deal with a wide array of subjects including human rights, health, gender and the environment drawing on our knowledge and experience with almost 20 years of being a charity and a previous 20 years of the directors working with theatre to effect positive change.
The Directors: The executive director Ann Shrosbree headed up funding our £1.3 million building project, she project managed the building of our iconic near zero carbon theatre (probably the first in Wales) and has an extensive theatre and performance background.
Bill Hamblett the creative director has experience in directing, producing and performing theatre and also qualifications in advanced facilitation techniques.
Both have worked in Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

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Small World Theatre
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Creative Director