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My name is Jules Davies. I've had over 15 years of experience in broadcast sound. I've also built up a vast arsenal of equipment to cope with its many demands. I aim to provide an easy going, friendly and above all professional service.

I am a location sound recordist and I am experienced with run and gun reality shows, documentary, drama, travel shows, corporate films, short films, soaps and. music television

I have a sound mobile based around a Yamaha DM2000 desk. I have built up many years experience recording and mixing all types of music on location at live concerts and music sessions around the UK and Europe.

If you need voice over pick ups. I have a purpose built mobile sound booth and can travel to the talent wherever they might be. The voice actor can be directed using a mobile. Audio can then be edited and uploaded to you directly the same day.

I hire out a large range of sound kit for self shooters. radio microphones, poles, recorders and interfaces DSLR cameras.

I also regularly work with larger facilities companies on outside broadcasts as a sound assistant and sound supervisor.

USA iVisa valid until 2020

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Soundguy Recording LTD
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Sound Recordist