Singer songwriter, entertainer & artist at Worldwide Welshman

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I'm a musician and artist from Betws-Y-Coed, Gogledd Cymru. I've been based in London for the past four years, and I'm moving to Cardiff in September 2019 to work on a new music project with my brother.
I write songs and perform with my band Worldwide Welshman & Beyond. I regularly take this project to Ghent, Begium, where I have friends and bandmates. I also have musical connections in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Oxford, Porto, Barcelona, Algiers, Berlin & Tubingen.
I made most of these international connections on "Ethnos", international youth folk music camps, where we share tunes & songs and perform together as a world folk orchestra. This has become a big part of my life.
I'm also an illustrator.
I'm interested in sustainable design & architecture.
I would like to work towards building a better future for all people. I fully support the critical campaign to make human civilization environmentally sustainable. In my work I also hope to address issues of global inequality; I envisage a world of free movement, freedom and equal rights for all.

Company Name: 
Worldwide Welshman
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Singer Songwriter, entertainer & artist