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A Maximums Introduction
Pictorial Book

Hello 101!

I have came across the fact that I am not trying, or better word inspire to create a “lady” magazine because I could be an amatory editor, even ladies one 

But what comes up again and again is that I can market and sell.
And to that base I am trying to design a magazine in a compact, constantly changing and evolving, in top of facing industry’s survival challenges.
Despite many claims, apps and the web have produced an opposite effect to which a re-energized, refreshed of old but also more to the point new upcoming, something that the industry did see quite as extensive as of, well, now.

My reassurance is that this is not my first time to jumping to a whole new territory, in fact I will categorize as a specialty of mine.

When I tried to design a videogame to confront the mobile gaming to what I think is best, I end-up not creating a game demo but compressive game book demo. Unfortunately I did not get to make or land a game designer post, but what I got is an editorial job offer, to my surprise, in one if not the largest specialize mobile gaming company in the world, wanting to relocating me across the pond, unfortunately at the time such was not in the cards and pass it with the hope and the renewable believe that well I could found one closer to home will be lot easier (now), not the case as it happen.
But following many more tries and fails, a conversation with my sister changed my focus with a simple question, as I was reading the independent newspaper, she point it out at the editorial cartoon, with surprise and said “oh, it’s like Egyptian newspapers”, then I point it out about the French newspaper Le Monde which she knows contain daily cartoons , quickly the conversation fellow with who came up with it first, after establishing that everyone is at it, at least the major newspapers across the global.
Then from there, just as at one point I was captivated by the game she now plays (or don’t play) online (as in social media) and mobile, unleashed a whole search, her print knowledge and interaction had a similar but way more treacherous road, where to start and go from there (Young unemployed creative and world enthusiast what you expect).

When it come to print, as a child and teen it was all about founding a ground, dangling between my older brother mags and I think you can guess what that consist of: sport, music and gaming, of course the occasion porn magazine (p.s quite big in the 90’s), and my father that will have me sit beside him after Friday prayers and having me read the newspaper in Arabic (as third language) it was more of a challenge then a task. Accompanying my father to a movie rental shop, I would pick any movie and he might just have a glance at the parental guide, but accompanying in a book shop, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------it will read the back cover with the same intense each time, before passing it back to me.

Besides having many sisters, to what at times feel like being rounded-up by a pack of hyenas (I am sure there are few of you out there that just gets-it) I hardly come across any, well what been commonly describe ladies magazine in my times.

Maximums is a local magazine, I rather like to see it as a local bible no more of a reference to the size, however the name Maximus also from pure coincidence, is a term used in the campanology. On Sunday afternoon as composing this instruction by my open window, I could hear the bells of my local church ringing, looking for a title for this long, long introduction, leaving rather nothing out. Maximus felt quite fitting, but as English just recently became my first language, I (still) always double check any word I have not use it, to check the meaning is as I thought. It Which is a reference to the number of bells in this case Maximus is the use of 12 bells, which is the number of categories the Magazine (or bible), contain from Music to literature, to crafting and food, and many more (well, eight more) as it happens it was glorious sunny Sun-Day.
What we doing here is different with the absolute believe not to please all of our readers all the time but to please some (or one) with each turn of page. So keep turning!


Using words such user-generated content, ethnographic work, social media and slow journalism, the aim is to produce a quarterly pictorial book that is inspired by the likes of "Delay Gratification Magazine", "Thought Catalogue" and "the New Yorker Magazine" to produce a proactive, collaborative and campaigning local magazine, Which less of reporting and more of programming (if that make sense). But ultimately to have more collaborators (participants) than any other publishing, not to have greater contents but more depth with each content with a unique delivery system.

I believe that slow journalist is a perfect platform to showcase the artistic element of photography, when there is a prolong depth to a story behind a photo, that’s when it becomes art (the element of staging becomes artistic by the substance it's portraying). And I believe locally, the socialistic prospective campaigning journalism could be much greater with greater changes. Than that of international journalism with the likes of The Times and New Yorker but also Delay gratification magazine, although it would be less glamorous. As fellow fan of TeD talks I thought that would be something that would engage your interest.

Thanks for the passions and the time you have taken to read, greatly appreciated. If we could perhaps have a meet to talk about my search rather than "my" project, I think there is much I could benefit from, notably the collaboration and networking, but including inspiration, encouragement and support all the way into the hub project, Creative Cardiff could be the ultimate host. If not it will be just awesome to have the chance to get to say hi and show my enthusiast to your endeavour.

Adil H.