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Currently based in Swansea, England, I am an aspiring games developer striving to work on exceptional games both on my own and with friends. Excelling at C++, I have extensive knowledge on engine development, integrating rendering, physics, and even shaders into my own homemade engines and have experience with working both engine and game design. Having experience using Unreal Engine in team projects during games jams, I've worked on numerous games with groups of other individuals. With ambitions to get my foot in the door and begin my career, I am currently looking for internships and job openings within the games industry.

Being born in Beijing, China, I have travelled my entire life with my family to various places, including Germany, France, Turkey and Thailand. My childhood involved playing online games with my friends in the States late at night, and as such my ambition for programming started with video games. Once I started programming, I realised that I enjoyed making games for others to play more than I did actually playing, and I persued this to where I am today.

My hobbies include travelling the world, cooking for friends and playing video games.