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The Cardiff Festival exists to fulfil the following purposes:

​To encourage and facilitate performance opportunities for musicians in Wales.
To provide the highest standard musical learning opportunities for children and adults.
To further the education of music students by providing access to the very best performers and teachers in the the UK and Europe.
To promote the guitar as an exciting and versatile instrument.​

We inspire new guitarists and broaden the horizons of experienced guitarists.

As Wales’ only guitar festival, it is the community aspect that really sets the Cardiff Guitar Festival apart from the rest. Many participants and concert attendees return year on year, and there is a real emphasis on getting to know each and every student.

Dedicated to inspiring the next generation of guitarists, the festival focuses on providing high-quality, educational courses for students. The courses are ability specific, and we explore a range of genres and playing styles through workshops, 1-1 lessons, masterclasses, and ensemble playing. We believe in the importance of stimulating the creative minds of the participants while enhancing their technique.

Our evening concert series features some of the greatest guitarists of our time. These concerts always leave students and parents amazed, and eager to learn more. Our lunchtime recital series promotes rising local guitarists. We at the festival are strong believers in nurturing local talent, and the lunchtime recitals are a great way to showcase what our wonderful city has to offer.

The festival is held together by one thing, a passion for guitar in all its forms.

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Cardiff Music School
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