Areas of expertise:


Through academic and other endeavors, I have developed a range of skills and achievements that can be transferred to positions such as this. I have shown that I am hardworking and passionate about this chosen field through completing higher education in Information Technology and Animation as well as additional accomplishments like developing two E-Commerce websites and launching them successfully. I enjoy being creative and demonstrating original thinking, especially as working with computers involves a lot of problem-solving and decision-making to rectify and issues quickly. Working as a freelance web designer whilst studying for my degree involved advancing my organisational skills so I was capable of doing both without letting standards or grades slip. Whilst this involves independent work, I am also able to work as part of a team and provide good communications skills to work efficiently and effectively as collaboration is important to learning and respecting other expertise areas. An example of where I put these skills to good use is during my current role as an exhibition host for the Doctor Who Experience as roles can be transferred to different people so respecting and learning from different areas is key to the running of the organisation.