Areas of expertise:


My name is Connie Matthews and I am currently doing an apprenticeship with Buzz Magazine in Cardiff. My role includes running all the social media channels, researching questions and carrying out interviews, reviewing live music events, theatre and other events. I also upload content to the website, including adverts.

I volunteered at my local hospital radio for a few months whilst I was in school and that was my first experience with working under pressure and I loved every minute of it. My role there was to create playlists, take requests and co-host a live radio show.

My hobbies include anything and everything music-related. I run my own music blog where I review music, interview bands, promote artists and I sometimes write about other topics that I'm interested in such as TV and film.

Another of my main hobbies is reading, which leads onto my love for writing. I am currently working on writing a book and I have numerous ideas for stories, scripts and musicals. I also am a huge musical theatre fan and I have starred in shows such as Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

My hobbies and my apprenticeship have all helped me gain the skills that I have, which include excellent communication skills, literacy skills and I work brilliantly under pressure. I am a creative person who is very passionate about all aspects of the arts.