Areas of expertise:


Artist statement:

Through my practice, I am creating work that expresses the chaotic nature of the macrocosmic world: our planet, space and the great unknown; and the microcosm: the sense of mind, body and soul, whilst reflecting concepts of light and dark, which I give a strong presence to amongst my work.

I explore all these concepts in an attempt to confine chaos onto canvas, by creating monochromatic abstract paintings. Through acts of aggressive mark-making, erasing, scratching the surface and adding layers of alternative mediums to create a sense of decay and being that emerge out from within the surface.

By adding gestural movements of the brushes and tools, this seeks to create structure that tries to bring order into chaos; whilst throwing the paint onto the canvas using black and white as my primary source material that harmonises as one or clashes together.

When people are left facing or dealing with concepts of the great unknown and the chaotic beauty of nature and our universe, we are left to question humanity’s role within it. That we are caught up in our own universe within ourselves, we are left puzzled and scared at things that are dark; but in order to step into the light we must first step into the dark.

Role / Position: 
Fine Artist