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The link: I have started to Set Up My Own Business, with the help of Princes Trust and by using My own Website, I’m still setting up, which is about me and my work and I’ve put portfolio’s of my different types of work. I offer National minimum wage for time or for example £50 for a logo £80 for a flyer £100 for an A4 poster. Or can do a set price for a bundle of work. Graphic Design, Branding and Social media are my main field of work. If you want to know more and or if you want me to send you any examples of work then please email me on: Thank you for your time and this opportunity.
I am working on a new website for my Marketing and Design business company though.

I have a BA in Creative Writing, from studying at Bath Spa University. Among other modules, I studied a Professional Writing Module at University: Learned How I could earn a living from non-fictional writing, which included Social Media and Magazine page layouts.

I have used this to Illustrate a book for Dawn Pickering, my mum which links to her Children with Cerebral Palsy Research, what they can and can't do. We're selling it on Amazon too or in person.

I have an iPad I use the most doing 2D creative art work and use the 'SKETCHBOOK Pro/Express Apps,' is this any good for you? It saves into JPEGs straight away. I could use Adobe Illustrator but I can't afford it at the moment.

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