Dominic Huntley

Areas of expertise:


i am a very enthusiastic person. i am confident and competent in all aspects of work and life. I am available to start work immediately and I am happy to undergo any training and/or transformation necessary for the role. i am flexible to work any hours and any days, and happy to work in all kinds of weather

Work experience.

I have work experience as an extra and runner on wrath of the titans, Captain America, Casualty, Ordinary Lies and on Class SFX (Green suit) and untitled Danny Boyle film, along with many years in amateur/student films, as an actor/director & runner.

Im 6 foot 5, athletically built and physically fit, so any heavy lifting or manual labour involved, i am happy to do. I am happy to travel or work unusual hours to fulfill the work requirements. I am a very hands-on person, so anything on or around location or studio running would be ideal, but at the same time, i am open to new challenges and experiences, and would be happy to give anything a go given the opportunity.

Throughout my studies of film, English & creative writing and music producing. i have gain knowledge of all aspects of production, so i know what is expected of me.

I am Cardiff based with a full, clean driving license, with my own car.

My dream is to be involved in this industry, so im willing to do what is takes to make my dreams come true, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be.

I guarantee i will be the hardest worker on in your company. I am very ambitious and confident in my abilities.

Role / Position: 
Runner/Production assistant