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The National Churches Trust is the charity for people who love church buildings. Our work supports places of worship of historic, architectural and community value used by Christian denominations throughout the UK.

We do this by:
• Providing grants for urgent repairs and community facilities.
• Helping places of worship keep their buildings in good repair through our MaintenanceBooker service.
• On our ExploreChurches website making it easy for everyone to discover the wonder of the UK’s sacred heritage.

NCT Heritage Services Limited (NCTHS), was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Churches Trust (the Trust) charity in 2018. NCTHS is a company limited by shares, enabling the Trust to take advantage of new opportunities to offer services beyond its core objectives. It is NCTHS that you will be contracted to work with.

Our shared mission is to help sustain religious heritage and historic buildings as the centre of their communities. We do this primarily by providing services to support the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings, and tourism and visitor services to ensure that all who want to visit and enjoy them can.

As part of our wider church tourism work, ExploreChurches, launched in 2016, is a UK wide digital system that provides accurate, detailed and up to date information which makes it easy and enjoyable for people to engage with and learn about churches.

It allows the Trust to engage with people interested in art, architecture, heritage, faith tourism, church heritage and church buildings. ExploreChurches was launched 2016 The ExploreChurches website. It features individual church pages, a map and search function, curated lists of churches by theme, trains, experiences, events and information that make it easy for visitors to discover and appreciate church architecture, history and or arts.

Our vision is to become the brand for church tourism. We want ExploreChurches to become the go to website for individual visitors and tourists, for people fascinated by the UK’s history and heritage and for the travel and tourism sector.

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NCT Heritage Services Ltd
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Church Tourism Manager