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As a filmmaker, director and aspiring screenwriter, my passion for filmmaking leads me down TWO key endeavours:

1 -
This is the "day job", a brand new, same-day video production service that creates low-cost, high-quality business videos in the same day. We take a template-based approach that allows us to create high quality videos much faster (and therefore cheaper) than if we were re-inventing the wheel every time.

2 - CollaboReel - Showreel Filming Collaboration Group
My REAL dream is to make movies and TV shows. I'm 2/3 of the way through my first movie screenplay and I LOVE IT! I'm desperately trying to finish the screenplay this year and move it towards production, if only because I'm DESPERATE to WATCH this movie! I desperately want to Direct this movie as well. With this in mind, I'm constantly trying to develop cinematic filmmaking skills and create a showreel worth showing off, so I recently created a Facebook group called "CollaboReel - Showreel Filming Collaboration Group" with the aim to gather small groups of likeminded media people who need showreel material. Those who attend each filming day submit their showreel requirements beforehand and I write a 1 to 2-minute short that fits the criteria for each person involved.

New collaborators (especially actors, actresses, performers and makeup artists) are ALWAYS welcome! :-)

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