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‘Our vision is to transform Maindee into a sustainable community with a strong local identity, strong local economy and a reputation as an attractive, safe, culturally vibrant and cohesive place to live, learn, relax and work.’

Vision Statement, Maindee Unlimited

Maindee Unlimited is made up of a group of local residents, traders and partner organisations with a shared vision to build a better Maindee. Our mission is to achieve this through a well-governed organisation, running a broad programme of attractive and safe indoor and outdoor spaces, where new micro business, community spirit and social enterprise can flourish.

Finding Maindee is one of the avenues we are pursuing to achieve this goal. It is a three-year arts-led regeneration project, currently in its second year, and is part of the Arts Council of Wales' funding initiative Ideas: People: Places.

It moves beyond the received ideas of ‘urban regeneration', which have largely focused on capital developments and seeks to find new ways of working and connecting people through creativity and engagement with the arts.

Our aim is to draw upon the experience, skills and ambitions of volunteers and local individuals, groups and businesses to develop Maindee and its library as a space run by and for local people.

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Maindee Unlimited
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