M C Davies

Lead artist, project manager, trainer, mentor at CDA&H Associates: 28 Vessels

Areas of expertise:



Creating art reflecting self perception and external influences, what is within and without; drawing on what we make, exploring attitudes to ourselves in our own worlds of work, family, communities, country and wider.

I work independently and collaboratively, developing sculpture, drawings and performances reflecting difficult subjects; things we do not want to address or those feelings or attitudes we may not want or feel able to acknowledge, either within ourselves or in our communities and world around us.

In partnership with business, charities and other organisations, I work with individuals and groups, exploring their creativity; developing lateral thinking, problem solving, transferable skills and abilities which can be drawn on throughout life.

Current Projects include:
28 Vessels: Exploration of Form and Being. This is a collaborative project, spanning local, national and eventually international partnerships, making work for exhibition.

Currently developing links with groups interested in this project. Contact me if you want to know more.

Company Name: 
CDA&H Associates: 28 Vessels
Role / Position: 
Lead artist, Project Manager, Trainer, Mentor