Misty M Hutton

Founder & creative lead at Cowlick Creative

Areas of expertise:

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I am a content creative and all-round communicator in digital media, online and through video. I am an adept visual storyteller with a creative approach I have gained ample experience in charity and education settings.

Since graduating from the University of South Wales - following my creative degree, I pursued a path in digital media, marketing and communications in the third and public sectors

I have developed skills for film and design with Adobe Creative Suite, continue to research and learn about digital marketing through own-learning, courses and networking. I recently gained my certification the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing with Google, iab - Europe & the OU. 

As a freelancer, I have delivered award-winning campaigns and video content that supported a charity project in continued beneficiary funding. I would like to continue developing meaningful work that adds value to organisations in my role as the founder and creative lead at my startup business Cowlick Creative.

The creator of Cowlick! Misty has over 10 years’ experience of creative content production and digital marketing. Misty brings the life and colour to Cowlick, providing our clients the best visuals and content for their needs. Graphic Design, Film, Photo, Social Media Management and Web Branding. Misty is the visual storyteller ready to make your content stand out!

Company Name: 
Cowlick Creative
Role / Position: 
Founder & Creative Lead