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Date: 17 March 2017

On Friday, 17 March we hosted the first Creating Cardiff workshop with 60 participants from across the creative community including artists, freelancers, academics, businesses and colleagues from Cardiff Council and the Arts Council of Wales.

Those who attended all generously shared their story of the city as we focused on identity for the first of our series of practical challenges to make Cardiff a capital of creativity by working collaboratively and playing to our collective strengths.

Councillor Phil Bale, Leader of Cardiff City Council, said: "Cardiff's ambition is to be a global capital of creativity. That narrative needs to be developed and, critically, it needs to be developed and owned by all of us. 

"We know that arts and culture cements communities, how it can empower, break down barriers and have wide benefits." 

The workshop utilised storytelling techniques as a starting point for discussions, including an inspiring talk from Dan Tyte, and the rich stories that emerged illustrated the many existing and potential stories of Cardiff's creativity.

A wide range of themes emerged throughout the day. Here's a snapshot of some of the many conversations: 

  • Listings, maps and tour guides to better promote what is happening in the city
  • The DIY nature of Cardiff's creative freelance community (CIY - Cardiff It Yourself!)
  • Importance of connecting with different communities and sectors
  • Connectivity within the city and further afield
  • Ambitions and aspirations, how we talk about creativity in Cardiff
  • Demonstrating the value of creativity to the city
  • The diverse make up of the city
  • Emphasis on local and global opportunities and learnings
  • The next generation of creatives, looking to the future

Director of Creative Economy at Cardiff University, Sara Pepper, said: "I was really inspired by the contributions made by all of the participants at the event. Their openness and input ensured that we came away with a whole range of thoughtful and well informed, tangible ideas to take forward.

"There was also a groundswell of potential contributors who committed to supporting these ideas as they develop which will ensure that we can continue to harness the energy and momentum created today. Sincere thanks to all who attended."

They’ll be plenty of opportunity to get involved as the Creating Cardiff workshops progress, we’ll be sharing all the information here.

Here are a selection of tweets from the day, please do check out #creatingcardiff to view more.

Inspiring day at #creatingcardiff workshop. Honoured to share my Cardiff story inc Scandi stowaways, Tiger Bay, Splott, PR, writing etc

— Dan Tyte (@dantyte) March 17, 2017

An extremely productive workshop - discussing the cultural & creative stories of Cardiff & how we implement these ideas #creatingcardiff

— Emma M Price (@empprojects) March 17, 2017

Great session #creatingcardiff sharing ideas for how we can work together on reimagining our city's stories. Way to go @CreativeCardiff

— Rebecca Gould (@beccaleigh99) March 17, 2017

I've never had such an inspiring day discussing contemporary culture. All thanks to @empprojects & @RuthCayford #CreatingCardiff

— Gavin Johnson (@gavinbonson) March 17, 2017

Much talking on table "Splott" about #creatingCardiff

— Laura Drane (@laurahd) March 17, 2017